Wish List

Create a Bric - Manual (2)
Show sub-classes and special classes in Inspector (1)
Tables Please! (1)
Named colour swatches (13)
Clean up function for classes (5)
Export Folder Functionality (2)
Selected tree item (6)
Navigate to URL problem (1)
Modals, popovers, lightboxes triggered by TEXT LINKS (3)
Better way to display text in page view (1)
Multiple files open at the same time (2)
Dim "Save" after saved (1)
Request for a future update regarding forms (4)
Improved List Items (2)
Make user colors available everywhere (7)
Z-Index for custom class (1)
Enable/Disable or Show/Hide bloc (1)
Favicon deactivation (3)
Any chance Blocs will be at the Apple Store? (3)
Text superscript (and subscript) button would be super! (2)
Page Count (1)
Windows App (8)
CSS Grid (7)
Forum Suggestion for SOLVED issues (3)
Expand the types of files that can be added using "file attachments" (1)
Video custom attributes (5)
My Wishlist for 2018 ( 2 ) (35)
Set link colors on a site-wide level for ALL link states (3)
Add "on mouse over" trigger to the interactions panel (1)
Tables bric? (17)