2.4.4. - Bug

Hey @Norm,

  1. again I have the “black space bug” you can see below, it happens as soon as I start the preview mode.
    Literally I call this bug my baby now… as I’m for some reason the only one who’s ever dealing with it. :wink:

  2. please see the photo below, it explains it pretty well

Best regards,

Reminds me on the issuse that the “date” placeholder is still not shown…
Forms are obiosley not in in first row of Blocks development!

Still a good app - with loas of buts…

Did you get this problem with 2.4.2 and 2.4.3? You can download them from the change log archive

Sorry for my late response @Norm

No, I didn’t.

Any chance you could get me access to one of the problematic files with all resources? Blocs 2.5 will start its beta later today and I’ll try and get a fix in place during the beta period.

I have the same issue on 2.4.5

I am sorry that I did not respond to you Norm. The problem is still the same, if you need further access tell me!