Блокс 2.4.5 не может работать с изображениями?

How to continue work further? Six months spent on the project. Blox 2.4.5 refuses to edit the content, the toolbar does not correspond to the selected object. For example, when you select a picture or a text box, the toolbar does not work. The reinstallation did not help, the renaming of the project did not help, saving to another place did not help. Blox 2.4.5 can not work with images?

Sounds like your project is corrupt. Do you have html widgets loading JS?

Dear friend, I really need help. I see no alternative to your program. I’ve been trying to fight it for half a year, but there are serious problems associated with images and descriptions to them. I do not know what to do … a lot of work is done and everything will be left very hard. how does Bloсs 2.5 work? Can I buy it? Or he too is not checked up?

What is JS?


First of all, sorry you are having a bad experience with Blocs. I’ll do my best to help improve that, but I’ll need a little more information from you.

Blocs 2.5 is free to all Blocs 2 license holders, you can try the beta here.

JS stands for JavaScript, it’s a web development language. In the past Ive found users with projects that don’t work correctly usually have some type on HTML widget embedding some JS code thats not essential or should be added in the page header area not the content area.

Just to clarify, what is the main problem you are having? are images disappearing when you return to projects?

I downloaded Block 2.5, I enter the key, gives an error and the program closes … Today, with great difficulty, I made 15 pages in 2.4.5, the preview in the browser shows in 2-3 minutes … Everything stopped working. The control panel, on the side, does not work at all. The program window shows it is not clear what. The controls do not respond to my actions … I put 2.4.5 on another MAC, the result is also very bad. I have up to 20 photos on the pages, the program does not cope … I need to buy anew 2.5? :frowning:


Судя по вашим отзывам, я уверен, что проблема не в программе Blocs, а с Вашим конкретным проектом Blocs.

Не могли бы Вы выслать мне файлы Вашего проекта, чтобы я посмотрел в чем дело и помог решить Вашу проблему? Моя почта gezalov@me.com

С уважением,

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You wont need to buy anything. @Eldar and myself will try to get to the bottom of why your project is not working.

Эльдар, написал Вам письмо на почту.

К сожалению, почта Ваша тоже не работает… :frowning:

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