2 different navis in one project

What I am trying to do: I need to set up a site with 2 languages with a country flag icon in the top navbar to switch form one to the other.

Navbar 1 has german text and a USA flag icon. Navbar Data Source = none
Navbar 2 has english text and a German flag icon. Navbar Data Source = none

Not really sure how to do this, since Blocs uses the so-called global area on every page, even if the navbar is set to none. So as far as I can tell, there is no way to do this … ??

I guess I’ll have to create 2 completely separate projects and cross link them using absolute URLs … ??

I think it would be easier if you had a drop-down language menu:


and the other way would be to make a menu for each language page, you will have to disable the globall area and attach it manually but it would be easy

you will have to adjust the button so that the flag is left and link to the two pages but this is the idea.

@Eldar covers this in one of his training videos. As stated above, disable the global area on the second page and a have a copy of your navigation bloc from the index page at the top but with the different flags and links. He explains it far better than I have.


Hi @gary,

You can do what @sim is saying to archive it quite easy.
You can also take a look at my Producer template to get the idea how it will work once you finish.


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Thanks, never thought of that!