3.0.5 is out

New Features

• Added new static preview mode - For those with problems running a local host preview (Set preview type to ‘File Preview’ in prefs).
• Rounded corners on light box controls to match the rest of Bootstrap 4.


• Fixed export menu icons on dark mode MacOS 10.14.
• Fixed sidebar tab icons showing broken highlighted state when clicking them while Blocs is not the primary active application.
• Fixed export issue with Pulse CMS.
• Fixed scroll FX on pulse CMS export.
• Fixed issue that caused Pulse CMS admin to crash.
• Fixed issue that caused wrong page to be initially selected in navigator and page dropdown when custom home page is set.
• Fixed hover animations.
• Fixed unwanted space created with dividers in Blocs with no padding.
• Fixed unwanted space in empty Blocs with no padding.
• Fixed issue with dropdown links within navigation being force white when dark nav bar theme is used.
• Fixed light box issue that caused caption to show on lightbox element that has no caption.
• Fixed light box issue that prevented caption showing when launching a light box from an image without a caption then moving to an image with a caption.

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Cool &Thanks,
very much appreciating the effort you do on blocsapp - it´s just a WoW!

Is the HTML widget issue solved meanwhile or still on radar?

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Agree +1 - here’s hoping

@pixelwork @AussieJohn


for (i = 0; i < li.length; i++) {
a = li[i].getElementsByTagName(“a”)[0];
txtValue = a.textContent || a.innerText;
if (txtValue.toUpperCase().indexOf(filter) > -1) {
li[i].style.display = “”;
} else {

" > -1 , ++ // error "

Sorry, what is is that?

HTML snippet code changing on save For my purposes but I think there were other issues too

You tried switching off the in app previewing of the code widget? This stops the code being edited for the html environment.

You may need to add the code again, but as long as in-app preview is disabled on the code widget, it won’t be escaped.

I will give it certain tries again and see how it looks after the html widget is exportet and uploaded.

@norm - sorry to be a dill but where can I do this?

EDIT: Discovered the preview checkbox when clicking on the widget


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