3D in blocs

Does anybody has the experience on making 3D-models in Blocs via three.js?

I need to present stl-model. I use online tool (Clara.io) but it would be nice to implement 3D in blocs by three.js.

Any ideas?

I don’t know, however I would be intersted to learn more, because my daughter is a 3D animator using Maya and I plan on building her a site in the next month or two. I gather this is what you are talking about https://threejs.org/

There was a 3D designer on the forum a while back who had a portfolio created in Blocs and also somebody who was selling products that had 3D presentations through some service.

I think @hendon52 answered this succinctly here: How to make this startup page?

That said, a great 3D modeler for generating images of 3D stuff, including a free version, is SketchUp: https://www.sketchup.com