4.2 E-commerce buttons not working

Hi guys,

Has anyone noticed their blocs e-commerce buttons not working with 4.2 and BS5?

I’ve only just noticed this in preview and when uploaded to the server. Is there a work around?

Which payment gateway?

I’m using Ecwid

What errors do you get on the page?

Nothing happens, like the button is dead.

Do you have a link?

Sorry not at the moment, once I noticed they weren’t working I replaced the page with standard ecwid buy now buttons.

I’m away from my Mac until this evening, I’ll be able to upload a page then.

It’s not urgent for me, just thought you at need to know.

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@Norm here’s the test page mate, hopefully you’ll see something glaringly obvious, cheers!

@Norm hey pal, did the link above offer any insight? Cheers!

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Sorry I missed that reply. I’ve added it to the bugs list, I’ll take a look and let you know.

Apologies for the delay


Just found the cause, Stripe and Ecwid interactions require jQuery and Blocs is not identifying this when the project is migrated to a Bootstrap 5 project.

I’ll get this patched up in the next beta of Blocs 4.3


Thanks @Norm, top man

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No worries, all fixed and ready for todays beta release.

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