7 Columns needed

Can some please tell me how to make 7 equal / even columns.
I need too add an image above test column in each.
I’ve looked everywhere, even Custom Classic.
Why does Blocs have this limitation? It seems simple.
@Norm @Eldar @Jakerlund

Blocs uses the bootstrap 3 framework. I’m afraid 7 equal columns is not an option using that framework.

I know it’s possible to create 5 columns. Could the same method be used to create 7?

Hey Norm,
Does Bootstrap 4 have the ability?
Also will you be updating Blocs to use Bootstrap 4?
If so, when can we look forward to that?

Cool instructional video. Yes, it does work. It took some playing around though.

I’m not sure if BS 4 supports 7 columns. BS 4 support is coming to Blocs in the coming months.


Thanks Norm for such a fast response. :slight_smile:
Is it possible to make a Custom Class that could control every aspect of each of the Columns?

Technically yes. But it could be fiddly.

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@Norm I think I found a work-a-round for making the Columns a stair step. :slight_smile:
Please check out mauimiah.com/vf you can see there is a gray line at the top of the column. I removed the image and duplicated the one to the left, but the line is still there. I looked everywhere I could think of, but could not find out what is causing that.
If you like I can email you the Bloc file.

I think we’d love to see an example bloc file posted here! Impressive.