A couple small workflow suggestions

I would like to see some sort of clear Bloc identification at the top of the sidebar panel, so you know exactly what is being used when clicked on. This happens already for Bric elements, such as headers and paragraphs, but should be extended to identify the main Bloc when selected.

Also I would like an option to switch a Bloc from dynamic to global and vice versa.

I try to give elements ID’s; i.e. XXXbric, XXXbloc.
This makes it easier ti see where you are when post-export publishing is needed (thankfully rare now), but it also shows which element I’m working in.
But it’s a good idea tho.
What do you mean “switch a Bloc from dynamic to global”?

Novice Andy

By ID’s I meant something that clearly defines the Bloc type e.g Video Gallery. When you click on a Bric element it is automatically described, but not the actual Bloc.

The Global areas are at top and bottom, which can be carried over to every page. Dynamic content is in the middle and page specific. I would like a way to make a Bloc either global or dynamic via a simple option.

ID-Ye, that makes good sense. and
Copying elements. I guessed thats what you meant. I think this is much more important and would be a useful addition.