A few things I want to achieve using the hero bloc

Hi All

Just playing around with the hero bloc and was wondering

  1. Is it possible to remove the box shadow when sticky header is involved (tried sticky-nav.sticky that does not work)
  2. When using a background colour when using sticky header is used can you use another colour for the background when menu becomes sticky
  3. Can you adjust the padding instead of the hero bloc wanting to use fullscreen


I can answer two of your questions. The background colour of the sticky header is determined by the background colour of the hero bloc itself. You can set a background colour even if you have a full size background image.

If you don’t want a full-screen hero bloc, just set it to one of the other padding settings. This will remove the top and bottom areas of the bloc, so you will have to add a navigation bloc to the top of your page. If you do this, you can still make it sticky AND you will be able to specify a background colour independently of the hero bloc.

There is a way to remove the shadow from the sticky menu bloc, but the method eludes me at present. Do a search on the forum for something like “remove shadow from menu bloc”