A few things i would like to see

I have a few things I would like to see in a future release .

  1. I would like to be able to scroll thru the addition of blocs with in each category with my mouse wheel ( sorry I grew up on windows) for example when I click on structure I have to grab the navigation bar and scroll manually , I would love to be able to wheel my way from left to right and vice versa.
  2. Ability to use different images for different break points with out having to put 3 images on each break point design and then make only the one visible on the breakpoint you are working on. I guess make the blocs application have the ability to save each breakpoint separate from the others and when it is exported to combine the three. I think when viewing the application during editing it would make it less cluttered.
  3. This kind of goes along with my number two wish list item the ability to place the same full screen header image on all break points but have the ability to select the area you want to show depending on which breakpoint you are looking at. (example wide screen display whole image, tablet vertical display left half of image, tablet horizontal display right half and smart phone display just center of image)
  4. A lazy load feature for large image pages and video pages.
  5. Last but not least bring the dev. tool back so we can get our fingers wet trying to make plugins( I know it is coming soon just eager to try some ideas I have)

The above are not complaints Blocs is by far the easiest app to visually design I have found and trust me I have all the others and keep coming back to blocs because of the features it has now and the ease of use. Norm has done a great job on it.

Hey Se7en,

welcome to the new forum, some feedback.

    1. You mean like scroll left and right? You can already do this with a trackpad and magic mouse.
    1. You mean like set the images using the sidebar on each break point? because this can already be done in classes.
    1. You can do this with classes, background position.
    1. Good idea.
    1. Plugins for Blocs is very unlikely for a while, the devtool only let you create classes and pre-made blocs based on what was available in blocs. You will be able to create and store both of these visually in the future and store them to use across projects.
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1.hate using a track pad, guess I will have to switch to a magic mouse just so use to a wheel ( bad habits)
2.I will have to read the documentation I tried this once and couldn’t get it to work, just thought a visual way to do it with in the app would be nice, maybe a drop down on image selector with all, phone, tablet and widescreen. Another app I have has the ability and it is one of the only things I like about it.
3. Will have to do some more reading
4. Ran into a slow load when doing a big video gallery as a test a month back and thought it would be nice so load time is faster.
5. It would be nice to be able to make web font icon libraries other than what is already installed, and also to make BG texture libraries that are similar to the method used already for icons within blocs . Would the dev tool allow us to do things like that?

Is that what you meant when you replied here?

I had “hoped” that would mean we could make plugins / blocs with HTML/CSS/JS and start using CSS/JS frameworks to create, store and share advanced blocs.

@Blocs_User the idea behind the original dev tools was to allow custom classes before you had the class manager and editor, now you have those tools in the app, devtools is not as relevant. The only difference was you could input CSS code, now it’s my intention at some point in the future to make this a reality via the class editor, so input fields/sliders as well as raw code dumping for classes.

The other side of the devtools was to create Custom Blocs, now this wasn’t as open as it sounds, you could only create what was currently possible in the app, layout wise, so really it was a very fiddly way to store custom blocs. Like I mentioned before, in the future blocs will hopefully support this but visually.

So when I said devtools will return I was implying what you could achieve with it will be implemented in a more user friendly way with the addition of global custom classes for projects and pre stored Blocs.

Plugins that add extra functionality are something I’m staying clear of for now. I pay close attention to other apps in this area and from what I can see, it’s more of a burden most of the time.

For now I’ll just keep it closed, but not completely. I think when you see what’s happing in 2.4 you will have a better idea of what I think is right for Blocs at this early stage regarding 3rd parties providing unique content.


Thanks for responding @norm, eager to know and see more then.