A forum here in different languages

A “forum” for different languages would not be bad … this would make it easier to articulate oneself in case of problems. And a translation of the program, seems to be difficult. Thx.

I agree.
Sometimes I like to help others but I can’t really explain in English.

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This is a really good translator https://www.deepl.com/translator

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:grinning: developers from Cologne/Germany.
Always proud of my city :heart_eyes:

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So this translation found at deepl.com is free, like google translator?
Is it just as good?


This translator can be used by installing it on the Mac and it is very agile. It allows me to write in my language and translate it into any language, to download it in the forum and send my questions or help

And this other is an extension that can be installed in Safari and translates any page in real time.

I use it to read the forum and it helps me understand everything that is written and allows me to help other users with my little knowledge of Blocs.

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For now, how about a category for other languages other than english?

Maybe a German Hangout, French Hangout, Russian Hangout…


So for our non native English speakers, which languages would you like added?

HI @Norm

French and Spanish



Geordi without a doubt.


There are many german users in the forum.


Although being German I am not sure if another language would make that much sense to me.
This is because I find so many lovely tips and hints from others here in this forum - wether good english or not. The main point is to get aware of there ideas, tips and tricks.
Ok, these are my thoughts for know and asking for a further language I would - of course - appreciate German.
Looking at the members here I think German & Spanish would be fair.
Just thoghts


And of course Dutch!!!


I think English as the official language and most used, and as a second Spanish.

En español:
Pienso que inglés como idioma oficial y mas utilizado, y como segundo español.

Although English is not my native tongue, I am opposed to splitting up the forum into separate language-specific subgroups.

Even speaking several languages, I am afraid it would be a nightmare to be searching for a keyword in all those different languages.

Imaging you would not only have to search for the keyword “font size”, but “taille de police”, “tamaño de fuente”, “Schriftgröße”, “lettergrootte”… to find all relevant entries.
Furthermore, I would not be able to find any relevant threads in languages I do not speak, like e.g. Russian.

Just my two cent


I am not for it. English is the common denominator and bloc’s software language is English. The forum is like a second manual and complements many aspects that cannot be covered in the manual.
If there are suddenly topics regarding website design in other languages, then it will be only a benefit to those who just speak that specific language the topic is written in.
Using Blocs requires to understand English, at least so much that with that skill level of the English language also a blog entry can be written.


For me I’m Portuguese but I DON’T want it in Portuguese.
Or if you allow me in any other language. What will occur is that you will have 2 or 3 sub forums, and the ones in other languages will not help in the different languages, and you will have duplicated topics, and they(we) will not help each other.
If everyone could reply to this topic, is because we all speak better or not the English and you understand, if you create a German topic, I will not bother to translate, because, I already spend very time in this forum trying to help and give my inputs, but I will not lose more time translating the questions… (sometimes I already use the google translator for English :blush::kissing::kissing_closed_eyes:)


Hi @area49 and @StFoldex

I do not think that Norm has the intention of splitting the forum into different languages and agree that it would not make sense. However, he has suggested a new category such as a Hangout for other languages:

If this is how @Norm proceeds, I think this would be very interesting and helpful for a lot of people. People will still see most of the posts in English but will have the option of asking other members in their own language for primary or additional assistance.

I do not think it is a good idea to exclude people who may not have the best command of English. Furthermore, they may be the ones who could assist and share their knowledge as well.

Without pretension, I would be very happy to assist other in other languages, such as French, Spanish and some German.


I think everyone involved in web development should be able to speak/understand English at a level that allows him to understand the topics discussed in this forum.
Otherwise, I dare to believe, that some hobby-programmers are using Blocs for a one time project…

I’m german and don’t want a german version for the forum. Most of the terms discussed here won’t sound more explanatory in German or Spanish! English is the language for this industrie…

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Hi @MichaelZ

As previously mentioned the idea suggested by @Norm is not to split the forum in several language versions but just a place where people could exchange in other languages.

Blocs is advertised as a programme to create websites without coding and thus many users are not web programmers/developers and or designers. What if @Norms decides to have the application translated in other languages ?

We might have people who will create other forums and then we would totally loose any potential valuable contribution on the original forum.

My 2 + 2 cents