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I can speak a few languages, but I don’t think it will be a good idea to mix the languages in this forum. Yes, sometimes it can be helpful for users who don’t know English, but I doubt it will do any good to the growth of the Community.

If and when Blocs app will officially support other languages, it would be needed for sure, but at the moment, probably not.

My 0.28 cents.



Hi @Eldar

We are already mixing languages in this forum thus a “hangout” category for other languages would make sense, I believe ?


Well, I just think that a dedicated category in other language will prompt the users who could theoretically write in English choose to do so in another language, which might be a bit easier for them. It will result in potential loss of opportunity/new content for English language speakers. (majority of users on this forum)

In any case, it’s not a critical decision and I am sure that no matter what @norm decides, our forum will do just fine.


Hi @Pealco

To be honest there are posts that I do not reply to because often I just cannot understand the “English” used although my mother tongue is English. Translators are sometimes not that efficient…



I really think one language should be used. It’s worked so far, yes some others struggle but I think it could be even more confusing with other forums.



Dear MDS,

yes, Norm suggested a Hangout forum category. Well, I already hang out in the forum. :sunglasses:

What would be in that ‘hangout’ category? “Let’s go for beer” (with a Dutch website designer maybe residing in England and me sitting right now in Spain)? I am not a forum specialist, but how do you define ‘hangout’? Maybe I imagine it wrongly.
In my opinion already now users sometimes write in categories that have nothing to do with the actual Heading of the topic. Well, that happens and is difficult to avoid.
However, I instantly and totally would loose any potential valuable contribution if it is in a language I do not understand.
I am German and speak other languages too, however, I personally think, Blocs is in English and that requires the knowledge of English to deal with it. Later on, maybe there will be country specific forums. Or if anyone opens a forum outside of the owned by Blocs forum, why not. And so many people worldwide speak English especially if it is concerning business affairs. Even the Chinese send their kids to e.g. Newcastle to study. And these are huge numbers for the universities (hat’s how universities own so many real estates in Newcastle alone).
Blocs is not as easy as iWeb was. It has quite an understanding and learning curve in order to do any of the more interesting parts with it. For a new user to read the (English) manual is a must.


LOL then let’s delete all non English posts, ban non English users and kill private messaging since we loose all those potential valuable contributions :smile:

Seriously I do not see what the point is of trying to force everyone into using one single language, let people decide…



People will still see most of the posts in English but will have the option of asking other members in their own language for primary or additional assistance.

“Most” is the keyword here.

I do not think it is a good idea to exclude people who may not have the best command of English.

I totally agree with you. Not everybody speaks perfect English (what the heck, most Englishmen I know will be quick to say they don’t).

However, starting separate language-specific groups, in my eyes, is the wrong way to go. The user base of blocs is not big enough for that - yet!
If some bloc users start posting their questions in their local languages, it will leave the majority of blocs users out in the cold, for the simple fact that not everybody speaks German or French or whatever other language will be used.

Another forum member has mentioned two translation tools he is using. I think that is the way to go.

Maybe @Wam could share his/her experience using these translation tools (Do you know any tools which are free of charge?) and @Norm could add a sticky thread to the forum with a download link and an explanation how to use these tools to post something on the forum in English.

Thus anybody not completely comfortable in the use of English can still write his/her questions/thoughts/solutions in their native language and we all can still search the threads (in English).

Another two cent


Yes, let people decide and that’s what we do here so that Norm can see what discussion arguments are brought up for a pro and a contra. He then will decide what to do in his company’s forum. and we all have contributed. Great. :wink:


@MDS I understand the “hangout” page, but you have to be honest in one thing, probably YOU and only YOU will have the good sense to “hangout” in the “Non English” page and contribute in the “English” forum with code, ideas and help, but… and there is always a but… the majority of the “Non English” users will use the “hangout” page to put their questions, and receive the answers. So they will be helped and ZERO contribution for the “COMMUNITY” English or Non-English.
About the BlocsApp and translations, what happens in the others app, and lets talk about Apple for exemple they have a FAQ in all languages, but their forums or helps are always in English. If there is a problem, or a solution that they want to make public, they create that page in all languages. You see in AppStore, when someone comment an app in French normally the developers answer in English.

I’m not saying that the non-english are not important, and I like to speak Portuguese, but if I write:
“Gostava de oferecer cem paus a quem saiba o que estou a escrever neste momento” probably you will not bother to translate and move one to another topic, but if you translate it probably you will be pleased.

Just my 0,0000001 cents, but I will keep here, and now I have to help @JDW… (even he could write in Japanese, and trust me I will not understand one single thing if he write it in Japanese)


Non capisco niente.


My last contribution to this interesting thread :wink:

My mindset is surely more inclusive than exclusive. I understand the fears of some here and at the same time I would welcome the opportunities a simple “other language” category could provide.

That said whatever is or not decided, if it is in my area of expertise I will gladly assist in other languages too and even translate back to English. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Looks like I’ve opened a can of worms here.


Anche io non capisco un cazo


Let the worms crawl,

I think it’s just about not jumping between two or three forums when you enter a native keyword.

In my opinion the worm can can now be closed again.

The Blocsapp doesn’t have to be multilingual either.

We have a super great community here!
All wiiling to help eachother in whatever language… but english fits best (BREXIT shouldn´t stopp us!)
Let’s go on doing the same for the future.


Yes, you have! I just as soon you open the store…:sunglasses:



+1 * 6

I doubt such fragmentation would benefit the app or the community. Although specific resources across the web are found in various languages, English remains the common denominator.

You may wish to check with your Discourse Hosting provider, as there is a Discourse translation plugin. Which to me would be a better facilitation for helping multilingual users read and communicate without introducing fragmentation across the forum.

Also if not already enabled, I believe in the admin you can allow users to chose their own language interface preference, etc.

2 cents.


English is fine with me :wink: My Blocs App is installed in English on a German OS. Can Blocs be installed in other languages?




By all straight work…
Let us not forgetting our comman sense of humor!
German is the least wanted language - ORANJE bove! (NL) @r_botman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I love this forum - Europe is english speeking as a matter of fact.
But hey, still funny

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