A Group of two blocs

I have set a group of two blocs and the left one is a image ( edge to edge ) and the right one a text …
is there a way that the text is always centered ? see image …
any ideas ? thanks a lot :slight_smile:


If you just use the image on the left as a background image then the text will be automatically be centered in the right bloc.

When you insert an image and then make it full width the text on the right does go to the top. The only way to get it to move down the page is to create a class.


Hi @casey1823
Thanks for your answer. I use not a background image. Do have an idea how to set the class …I try „auto“ for margin but it does not work. To set for example 50 pixel is not good because of the different screen sizes… so The best way is to Center the Text …but I don’t no how to do this :thinking:

I’m not sure what code would center the text. Not a coder.

The only option I know is to select the column. Make a class and then adjust the top margin to center the text. You’ll have to adjust this on each breakpoint.

Here’s a screenshot.