<a> length

Text links in my footer occupy 100% of available horizontal space. How can I restrict them to the length of the text? I saw in another post (i think sort of the same question though i’m not sure) where you said to look in the project settings. Didn’t see anything there.

You can explicitly set the text width with a custom class, though that could be problematic. You can also create a custom class and set display to inline, which will shrink the link to the text width.

Thanks very much, I will try the inline method.

So, I target ‘a’ in the footer bloc, change display to inline, but it kills the line breaks, smooshing everything together. How to avoid?

Set a specific size and don’t use inline!

Maybe even setting some right-edge padding for the link might do it.

Another idea might be to use column layouts to get the right effect so your links are in one column, empty spaces in the next column.