A little help? I can't view my icons

In Blocs v3.4.10 I’m using Feather icons above some text headers that say “Design” “Music” “Video” etc. and they link to different targets and pages in my website. They won’t show up in any of the main browsers. I’ve made sure they are without a class or custom color. I’ve made sure the “empty Area” box is unchecked. They don’t show up, not even as an invisible click-able link. This makes my sites internal nav non functional. I’ve also tried it with font awesome icons with same result. The location of my site is
Can anyone show me what I am doing wrong?

You have a few errors. Notice font awesome (and other icon sets), hence so icons.

This is interesting, I take it you have Cache Burst enabled.

The ones that are not loading, don’t have the Cache Burst URLs (eg ?21334 at the end), the ones that are loading correctly do.

Thanks Malachiman,

Looks like I’ve got a couple of problems stacked together here. Don’t know what Cache Burst even is. I’ve not seen anything in the app that refers to it. Are these two issues related to my hosting or is it on my end with the way I’ve set up the class styles?

Its an option you can tick when exporting, its also in Project settings. Maybe try enabling it and disabling it? Not sure, haven’t come across it before.

Cache bursting forces the browser to reload the assets even if its stored in cache, it does that by appending that “?12214” (random numbers) at the end. Once your site is finished, you can disable it.

Got it. I know where that is now. That Cache Burst tip is great too since I’ve been dumping cache files by hand each time I upload something. I’ve lost about 6 hours to this icon problem. I’ve decided to use a regular Bloc rather than build them by hand with Brics.