A new boy's wish list (some may be there and I've missed them!)

  1. When using a picture in Parallax mode, it Ould be nice to set a the scroll speed of the inserted picture rather than static.

  2. A way to find out the pixel dimensions of something.

  3. A overhaul of the colour picker to make it more intuitive. Sometimes you don’t want to change a master colour, just use a variation of it for an item. This could be user error and my way of doing things!

  4. A way to float and pin objects easily to say, top left of the browser window for a logo to always show?

  5. Is there a way to copy and paste a Bric from a certain Bloc into another, because it’s always greyed out if I try and copy anything?

  6. Have a ‘fade’ transition for hover/links. (ie: if you have say, a medium typestyle set for normal and a bold/extended/whatever set for active, then instead of jumping from one to another, it fades (desktop version of www.lovefly.co.uk menu)

Apart from that, loving Blocs and within 2 weeks of downloading it, I’ve managed 2 websites, both fairly basic, but workable, useable, scaleable and enjoyable to do!
Thanks @Norm

7. A crop to box or resize to box option for imported pictures. I think this is the thing that bugs me the most at the moment. Having to get pictures to the correct proportions before you can use them.

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