A work in progress with some added options

This is a current project under construction. It’s based on one of @Eldar templates, so it works ok. This project includes the AdThis widget which integrates very well. It also has a “what3words” mapping link in the contact area which is perfect for mobile and desktop users - it saves having to embed maps into the page. This site has its own self-hosted shopping cart. Although the shopping page itself had to be created in another application, it integrates very well with the blocs site. Anyway, HERE is the link.


Beautiful design, @hendon52! It looks like your scrolltoTop button is getting covered by your AdThis script on mobile, but I’m guessing you already noticed that.

@TMRJIJ Yes, it’s one of the drawbacks of the AdThis widget on mobiles. This is why we deployed a sticky navigation, so that users can still get round the page without too much effort. Clicking the logo always takes them back to page top. Just got to stop the the scroll to top appearing on mobiles - but like I say, its a work in progress. Thanks for looking.

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Fresh and beautiful!