AAAHH! Browser show only a white page in preview and after upload

anyone had a similar problem ? Open a page a few weeks ago —everything looks good. After upload I see only a white page ?!
Also in preview ? No content are exported ? WHY?!? :blush:
The Body Tag is complete empty
Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-09 um 15.34.04

but I don´t know why


Check your exported code in a code editor or text editor if you have one and check for content within the body tag.

ok, I will check the index page. a few minutes …

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when I open the file with an text editor the file is empty ?

Interesting. Any chance you could file a report and include a copy of the project please or a link to download it?

just a short question. Found on the server in the css folder a file called .nfs… bab#
can’t delete this file ? is this created by blocsapp?

I delete that file called .nfs … Open my Backup Project and do again an upload. Now it works :thinking:
But what is this for a file called .nfs ?


Something like this probably

The posts are not related to blocs but the NFS files should be the “same” topic.