About the new courses and templates for Blocs 3

Hi everybody,

First of all, I would like to apologize that I wasn’t able to actively participate in the forum these past few days! Obviously, with the release of the new major version of Blocs, many questions have been asked! Starting tomorrow, I will do my best to help as many people here as possible! :slight_smile:

As probably all of you already know, I have been busy working on releasing the new updates for Blocs Master and Blocs Templates. To summarize what’s going on with two projects:

Blocs Master - I have released the first Blocs for Beginners course, which covers basics of using Blocs 3. Now, I will concentrate on releasing more videos for Mastering Blocs course, which is a similar to Blocs Core Traning course I had for Blocs 2, but it will be much better.

Some of the ideas I have for it are much more written materials for easier navigation for people who don’t like to watch videos. More other types of resources, all designed to help you master Blocs.

By the way, I have posted a new update to Mastering Blocs today. It’s not a typical lesson, but it might be helpful to some people!

Blocs Templates - if you have migrated Blocs 2 projects to Blocs 3, you probably already know that because Blocs 3 is based on Bootstrap 4, you will have to do a little bit of extra work to make Blocs 2 projects look perfect in Blocs 3. I am working to make all my templates look perfect on both Blocs 2 and Blocs 3.

As you might know, there are already 29 templates for Blocs 2. You can use them with Blocs 3, almost without any significant problems. However, although rebuilding all of them will take a lot of sleepless nights for me, I thought it will be a right thing to do to rebuild all of 29 templates I have built before from scratch using Blocs 3.

I have already rebuilt five of the simpler templates, plus I have added the first Blocs 3 exclusive template. (the one I am building in Blocs for Beginners course).

These are the previews of these templates:

After using Blocs 2 for a long time, it took me some time to get used to Blocs 3. However, after using Blocs 3 beta and now a release version for a few months now, I appreciate all improvements @norm and his team has brought to the new version!

Well done guys! Amazing job!



Your passion and expertise is very much appreciated! Anyone who has a desire to learn the back end, as it were, about Blocs 3 has got to watch the Master at work. I highly suggest @Eldar Tutorials and Templates.

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‘Anyone who has a desire to learn the back end, as it were, about Blocs 3 has got to watch the Master at work’

@KBConcepts, I believe “The back end” normally refers to “behind the scenes code” and yet, Eldar doesn’t know how to code. (which is case in point of what Blocs so powerful). Eldar seems to dig very deep into Blocs and finds settings and behaviors and little tricks we (I) often miss… And I fully agree with you that Eldar is a master! I have watched every one of his videos from the Blocs Master series - many multiple times. Keep up the great work @Eldar!

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