Accept Online Payments?

I have a client who’s requested that her clients be able to make payments online. I’ve never done this and don’t even know if it’s possible in Blocs? What all is involved? Do I have to create user signup / login functionality, or can it just be a simple html form integrated into a page? @Norm? anyone?

Thank You in advance for any help… - Randy

Depends on the payment gateway they want to use and the features the client want.

The Gateway provider will have all the code you need. For more complicated integrations you will have to code something that connects with their API.

If they haven’t already got a payment gateway. PayPal and Stripe are a couple of very popular ones and work well internationally and are well supported if you need to implement store features.

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@Malachiman, @Norm,

Here’s all I know. See below what I was told by the merchant services. It sounds like I have to set something up in Blocs before they provide any instructions on how to connect to their service. I’ve never done this and don’t know what Blocs is capable of.

Any help in knowing how to comply with her request is greatly appreciated.

Thank You, - Randy

They have applied for a merchant account with TSYS using Authorize.Net gateway.

Authorize.Net paramaters are supplied once the gateway is established (after the application for the merchant account has been approved)

Underwriter will not approve the merchant application until:

An active payment portal or cart has been added to their website so credit card information can be taken and processed.

If a payment portal/cart is currently not active underwriting needs access to the developmental pages or screen shots of the developmental pages showing what the payment portal will look like once implemented to verify ecommerce processing is supported.

@Norm, I really need some help here from you or someone in the Blocs community. I’ve built this client’s website in Blocs and she likes it. Now she needs a payment gateway and I need to know if this is something that can be done effectively with Blocs.

Please advise, thank you - Randy

Hi Randy, I’m no guru here, but depending on what your client is selling, have you looked at Ecwid for a store/payment option?
They can process a lot of big name payers, PayPal, Worldpay etc once you have your account set up with them. They also have a free option available which may be of some use.
Very easy to use. Once you have your Ecwid store set up, you just go into your settings to use in another website and then copy a bit of code into a Blocs html bric. Very simple and it may be worth you just having a look to see if it can be shoehorned into your design.
Best of luck.