Access to Hero Navbar

Hi, how can i change the navbar in the hero section? because i have a dark hero image and a text in white color. the navbar should be sticky an in white color. but the logo text and the menu button should be in black. anyone has a solution for me?

white text on black background :slight_smile:

white text on white navbar :frowning:

@Norm this makes no sense.



Did you try to change the color of background to dark one? Click on your hero image and change the color (I know it’s not visible), and see the result.

Edit: ah, sorry, I think I missed the part that you want white Navbar and black text.

@Eldar thanks, yes the navbar has to be in white color. so, i need to change the color of the links and the logo.

Ok, I am not in front of my computer at the moment, but the one (not perfect) solution, which comes to mind is to set the color of links to black, then change the color of the hamburger menu to white using the custom class available in subclass library.

Then, the problem will be the logo. I don’t know if your client will be ok with that, but you can customize the logo to be white in side a black box, like I did in one of my templates here.


you can add this custom class for the sticky mode.


@webplus this is perfect. thanks. do u know a solution to change the logo in the same way?

@RME you can try adding the following in the class manager


I did try it. but it doesn’t work :frowning:

You mean the Text near the Logo or do you have an image? Do you have a link to the page please?

@webplus I have an image. The white image should change to a black image. I did put the black image in the custom class. But it doesn’t work. the white logo still be at the white navbar.

Ahh ok, the above was for the Text near the Logo.

But you can also put your logo there as Background image which should be shown when Sticky. You only have to place a transparent image as Logo itself. Then adding a class to the Logo image and adding your white Logo there as background image.


This is awesome and the solution for the problem. Thank you.

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@webplus i have another question: what is the custom class to change the height of this navbar?

You are welcome.

I am right now not on my macbook, I will have a look this afternoon

Here the class for the height:

I appreciate your support.

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@Norm This should all be so much simpler.


Hey @webplus do you know the custom class of the hamburger icon? i have to change the color from white to black. thanks.

I really wish this was a drag and drop option or clickable option somewhere without the need to enter code. You really need a cheat sheet or you need to go into development tools to find the place to enter the code…a little slow and tedious for no code web design …things like sticky, accordion, tabs etc are quite common everyday faire building websites. Hope to see these kind of things get added soon for more efficient functionality and design.


My 2 cents : .navbar-toggle .icon-bar