Accordian Bric

first of all: Great Blocs 3 Update! I Like it.

I had a short question. When I use the Accordian Brick, is there a way to close all of them ? When I preview the Page the first Accordian is open and the others are closed … I want that all closed … Is that possible ?

Second: When I open Blocs 3 and close the Projekt, Blocs get closing too. When I open blocs again and then close my Projekt, only the project closing and Blocs are still open … A little Bug ?

Thanks for your Help :blush:

Regarding the accordion, you can close them all once you are on the page, but it opens with the top one open by default and that is something I would like to change. It’s a fairly basic accordion, but hopefully something more versatile will come along before long.

That second point sounds like a bug and I am not seeing this.

What about giving the first one no content (no cloum - no row) and make it invisible via classes or use it as a headline?

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You also can delete the content of the first card. I think like this you have a cleaner output code.

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If you delete the content alone you are left with a small line above Content 2, which is the left over column from content 1.

If you delete that first card entirely via the layer navigator, it looks correct in preview and appears to work properly.


That does the trick.


thanks for your answers …

Thanks to Flashman on how to get round the default open first card feature.

One other issue, is there a way to scroll the screen so that the top of the card is always visible when the link is hit? With long cards it can display somewhere in the middle of the card when it opens



How long is your accordion? This only seems to be a question when dealing with exceptionally long pieces of text.


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@Flashman These short video are cool, but why are they barely visible?

In this case I’m still filling content and haven’t done any styling on the site at all. It’s also saved it at a reduced size because there seems to be an upload limit for these animations.

Open Privacy statement, then click GDPR without closing the link first - you will see what I mean

OK I’ve added some quick (ugly) colouring here to see more clearly. Why is this a problem?


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LOL @Flashman

Um, you need open Privacy statement, then click GDPR without closing the link first - and you will see what I mean, Analytics & Tracking is too short for it to happen

If I click GDPR any other open link closes automatically by default. The only way to edit that might be through the custom data attributes, which would require some knowledge of coding.


I think we really need a better accordion with more features and control. I have a stack for Rapidweaver called Ivy 2 that allows far more flexibility, but I don’t think we’ll see anything like this before the developer API receives a major upgrade in the next few months.

Hello @Flashman,
I see on your video that the accordian is opening on every part of the header.
How did you achieve that?
Mine opens only when I click on the Text.
Am I missing a setting?

Click on the text link, then go to the side panel and look at appearance. Select the option for full width. In practice it doesn’t cover the full area as I would like, but it’s better than the default.


That´s cool
Thanks a lot :+1:

@Flashman take a look at the code that I have uploaded, it is perfect to use it in the kind of cases you are looking for.

I hope it helps. :sunglasses: