Accordion dropdown brick is limited to 3 labels?

Hi guys,
I just inserted an accordion brick but it shows only 3 labels. I cannot see anywhere to add more… I need 4 but the accordion brick has only 3. I know there are other bricks that you can add more labels/options
Any ideas?


Super easy…you set the number in the properties panel, under Settings, when the accordion bric is selected.

Also, if you want the first content area closed when the website loads, then delete the first CARD in the Layer Tree for the accordion.

Be aware of the IDs for the Header & Content Area (Card Body in the Layer Tree) for each Card, as well.

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Thanks !!! awesome! great reply! Yeah, Blocs is very easy but just sometimes I can’t find the little option. :joy:

You’re very welcome…happy to pay forward all the help I’ve received in this excellent forum…and yes, Blocs can be easy, but also a bit confusing as you get deeper into it, especially when you want to do stuff outside the pre-packaged elements.

That said, this forum is a great resource, using the search bar for topics as you need should provide answers & guidance, and if you don’t see what you need after a search, just continue to reach out…someone will reply.

Also, if you haven’t found them yet, Eldar’s tutorials, Blocs Master are excellent for initial learning, which you can find in the Blocs store:

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