Accordion in Modal

Hi all. I want to use an Accordion bric inside a Modal but when I preview it does not work. Is it impossible to use an Accordion in a Modal?

Hope it is possible some way!

Hi @r_botman,

I just tried it and it words for me. Can you describe what is happening, for example is the modal opening at all?

Hi @Malachiman. Thanks. Found out just now what was wrong. The headers of the cards suddenly had been removed. I put back a backup file and now it works.

Other question maybe you know. Can I use the button in the footer to close the modal instead of the Close Bin?

You can use something like this…

  <button type="button" class="btn btn-primary" data-dismiss="modal">Close</button>

Just using the basics of blocks you can assign a custom attribute using the side panel of data-dismiss=“modal” To your trigger (link or button).

Give your modal an ID and use “Interactions>Type>Toggle Modal> yourmodalID” with the button in the footer.

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Thanks @Bootsie! Thanks was easy!

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That’s what Blocs stands for :wink:

Yeah or do that :rofl:

I wasn’t near my Mac at the time, and totally didn’t think of that.

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