Active page flakey... ideas? Cookies?

I thought I had it sussed, the active page menu items showing in blue.

It worked great, and now hardly works at all. (It works perfectly on browser preview.)

I think it may be to do with the cache - when I clear the cache on Safari the blue active page indicators work again… briefly.

Same thing on MacBook and iPhone.

This is how I made the active page effect:

Further to the above, I’ve been playing around trying to find a way to get .active-page to work other than in Preview Mode, where it works perfectly.

I tried adding other features beyond just changing the text colour, and found they affected the entire site, like in the example below - trying to add an underline to the active page menu item underlines everything.

Is there some glitch happening @Norm which is also preventing my menu items from working properly i.e. turning blue?

Hello @Ian, do you tried already using an other class name? Do you have an url?

Yes, I also tried Bootstrap’s .active class but it’s exactly the same. It’s at

(I’ve opened a ticket with @Norm for this. I’ll post the result in case others are having the same issue.)