Ad space possible and 1 license for my MBP and Mac mini?

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to have ad space on the website when building it using Blocs 3?
Can I use Blocs on both my MBP and Mac mini?

I googled and couldn’t find the answers.

Years ago I used Blocs to build a nice website for my triathlon club and although an absolute Nono in IT I managed with Blocs.
Later I handed it over to the professionals .

Now time has come to go back to building a website.
I idea is multilingual (3)
Content (no advert) from other sources
some ad space and ppc for links embedded in text.

I’m hoping that Blocs will be able to do just that for me.
I do not want to go for a Wordpress or any other subscription model.

Thx in advance