Add multi language website

I hope for a multi-language website with RTL and LTR

Check in project settings. Does that do what you need?


with this you can make separated websites with desired language,
my hope is a multiple language in 1 website,
actualy you can do it now but only with same direction LTR or RTL, you can’t combine both in one blocs project,
i hope it will be available with blocs 3
thanks :slight_smile:

I agree this would be useful for some and should probably be controlled in the page settings, rather than project settings.

I think the next version of BLOCS should have more options, like MUSE has. I mean BLOCS is way better but MUSE has more options to make the work easier, you know like fonts, character options, links, etc… In MUSE you can make more than one language website very easy. I hope BLOCS 3 can do that too