Add show in finder to image in edit mode

I am dealing with a project where the client has made a considerable number of image changes. If I double click on an image, it opens the asset manager, however it does not take me to that image, so I may have to scroll through hundreds looking for the one.

Would it be a huge pain adding a right click show in finder on the editing canvass, where I can completely sidestep the asset manager?


When you select the image on the canvas the settings on the right show the file name. Why can’t you use this name to locate the file and then edit the image as you would like as a work around?

Because sometimes the filename is to long and you can’t see the whole name in the side bar.

If your assets are organised correctly, your images will be in an asset folder within your project folder (the same place where your blocs file is stored). Open that folder and look for the image files you want to change. You can then either delete them or replace with the same name. If you delete them, blocs will tell you that the image cannot be found when you re-open the project. This will give you the opportunity of relocating the asset (the new image). If you replace the image with the same name, when you open the project file, the new image will display automatically. Of course, it may be that you haven’t organised your assets in such a way, in which case you should start using best practice to keep your image assets all in the same place for each project.

Alternatively, just place the new images into your asset folder (where all your other images for the project are stored) and then simply drag the new image to the image placeholder in your blocs project. This will automatically replace the image and add it to asset manager.

One of the problems with having images dotted about all over your hard drive is, if they get moved or deleted, Blocs won’t be able to find them without you having to search for them to reconnect to your Blocs project file. Best to keep project specific assets in a project specific folder so that you can simply add new images whenever you like. These will replace any images that are no longer needed, leaving you free to remove the old image assets from the asset manager if they are no longer needed.

On my own sites everything is remote hosted online, but that isn’t always feasible with client sites. I make it a practice of storing assets in a general resources folder next to the project file, but on projects with lots of pages and images I find it helps if they are split into sub folders for each page. These are all visible as project assets inside the asset manager after adding individually.

The problem in this instance is simply that the client has been continually changing his mind over what images to use, sometimes deciding to switch their location on the site, then go back to something from before. Basically, I wake up every morning and there is an email with a list of image changes and small text tweaks.

Due to all these changes, I’ve been reluctant to delete content during development in case we go back to something, so the asset manager is very crowded with similarly named files. There must be hundreds of images at this point and just imagine what this would be like with multiple resolutions.

In the long run the asset manager will need some kind of major overhaul, but just now, earlier today I would have liked an option to right click on an image on the canvass and locate it in a finder, even for the simple purpose of discovering the original file size. Reasons may vary but quick access to files is a real time saver.

It’s a bit of a workaround but if you preview in browser, ctrl-click and inspect element you’ll get the file name and then cut and paste that in the asset manager to go straight to the relevant image.