Add space between columns


I am trying to add a row with 4 columns. I also need to add a background image on every column but it looks like that when I do that there is no space between columns.

If I add a padding left and right to every column the last column goes on a new line and this is not my goal.

Any tips on how can I add background images to columns and keep space between them?

Many thanks in advance

One method is placing a Div inside the column. Any elements are then placed inside that Div. Set BG for the Div.

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Many thanks. I tried as you said but when I apply a Background Image to a div, this is applied not to that div but on the entire bloc.

I think I am doing something wrong :sweat_smile:

@Malachiman any idea on why is this happening? :slight_smile:

Drag the image from the asset manager to the image well on the custom class window.

Otherwise it thinks you’re apply the image to the background of the bloc.

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

With drag and drop it works, but how come not with click?

No idea sorry. Maybe historic.