"Add us to your Home Screen" button

Is there a way of putting an “Add us to your Home Screen” button on a website?

Basically, to do what the ‘share’ button does on an iPhone, but from a Blocs button?

If it can be done, I’d like to apply a particular image to the home screen (some websites just add a microscopic version of the page, www.victorian-hydro.co.uk to pick one at random).


I have my favicon as home screen icon.
Is that what you mean?
It’s not on a button but that would be nice.

Hi, yes, that’s exactly what I want, my JH website just appears as a miniature webpage.

What did you do to achieve that??

Maybe Norm knows how to add an “Add to Home Screen” to a webpage which does what the Share button does on an iPhone?


Here’s a few links.
After I generated the icons and code, I saved everything in a backup folder, added the code to the page head in Blocs, and also added pinned tab icon.
Don’t forget to copy the icons into the exported folder to upload into your /public_html folder…