Adding a Button trigger event to a Blocs Form

I ha e been asked to add a button trigger event to the form I am building in Blocs ( the send button). I’m a bit lost as how to do this, is there anyone out there that can help me?

Below is the sample code I was supplied that I need to enter…

Eg. <img src=‘’ height=‘1’ width=‘1’ />

Any help would be great, thanks!!

Can you explain a little bit better what you really need please?

You have to go to that link after the success of the sending form?
You need the send button be different from the original?

Tell us so we can help you, (or is just me that didn’t understand, sorry)

this is what I was sent… I guess I’m asking in what section of the code for the Blocs form I insert the appropriate code>>>>>

REA Action Tag

Implementation Guide

What is an action tag?

An action tag is a 1x1 pixel that helps REA track a certain action for a campaign.

The most common action tag REA will use is the LeadComplete tag. This records when we see a user convert.

Conversions can be an enquiry form submission, a brochure download, or another website interaction that is the result of a user either clicking or seeing your ad on REA.

What does the tag look like?

An REA action tag will include . The act name will identify the type of action it is tracking.

Eg. <img src=‘’ height=‘1’ width=‘1’ />

How do I implement the action tag?

There are two methods of implementation.

  1. If the enquiry form redirects to a ‘Thank You’ page please embed the action tag into the page directly, immediately after the <body> tag. Please use the whole <img> tag.

Please note: sample code only.

  1. If the enquiry form does not redirect you will need to create a button triggered event. Please implement the action tag provided to you on the ‘submit’ button of the enquiry form using a JavaScript function to fire the action tag. You only need the URL from the action tag to do this:

Eg. <img src=‘’ height=‘1’ width=‘1’ />

Please note: sample code only.

Please ensure you notify your Account Manager or Digital Campaign Manager once the action tag has been implemented so that we can test it is firing correctly.

I understand now, I think you could do a new page untitled “Thank you” then when you go to the forms definitions:


In the Success you choose Go To Page, and then choose the Thank You page.


And in the code of the Thank You page you just:

immediately after the <body> tag. Please use the whole <img> tag.

That is:

<img src=‘’ height=‘1’ width=‘1’ />

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I can do that! Thank you so much - you’re a lifesaver!!!

No problem, glad that I could help.