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Hi all,

When i add a new page it makes a copy of the already existing page I have created. When I than edit this page it also changes my main page… Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

This is correct. When you make the new page you have to select or deselect the various common options that you either want to carry over to ignore. I believe these options can be deactivated after the page has been created, so that a local change to a single page does not affect the others.

Thanks for your reply but im afraid this is not the problem.

To copy a page should only happen when I select TYPE - DUPLICATE in stead of TYPE - NEW PAGE. Right?

Because i want the same menu, footer, etc.

I got it. Unaware i have put blocs in the global area in stead of the dynamic area…

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Yes the global area’s top and bottom will show on all pages, they are best used for navigation and footer.

Sorry but i have that problem.
I have duplicated a page two times, because i want two same page but in different language.
If i change the text in another language, it changes in the original page too…but only in some blocs.
I’ve trie to change the bloc ID in the copied page, but it change the id in the original in any case.
What is wrong?
Pls help me

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Anything you want to be dynamic (unique) keep in the dynamic area (center of empty page) anything that is placed in the global areas (top and bottom) is global meaning it is one set of information used on every page unless switched off on specific pages.

This intro video covers the basics of how pages work in Blocs.

Hello Norm, thank you so much for your answer. But as I’m French I may have missed something in the translation ;-).
here are two captures, The one with couple in B&W is my base page, my actual one page scroll website. I need to make a LEGALS page in my website. I have the same problem as Fabbry. Once my new page is created and named “legals” I have the dynamic area in which (as you wrote it) I can copy / paste my legals. But under that legals bloc of text, I don’t need to see all the other stuff from the landing page (portfolio, the team, location…)
And you seemed to mentioned a trick “unless switched off on specific pages.”
Can you tell me where I can disable on the new page (legals) all the stuff I don’t want to see no more.
Thank you very much for your help and patience.

you need to take that out of the global footer area then. Take a look at the front page of your site and look for the 2 blue bars, all the content you want to only appear on the front needs to be between those blue bars.

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I’m so sorry to be so late Norm, but I didn’t receive any notifications!
It’s working, so simple, I just had to knew it!!
You rock!!! thank you very much.


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