Adding code to a dropdown button

Is there any way of adding code to a dropdown button? I will like to do something like this:

Sorry this is the mobile version! You can see how does it work at

Anyone? :slight_smile:

@Stewie_Griffin, I believe you can simply create a bloc with the code you want, and hide that bloc. Then using the show/hide toggle, you can show it when you click on a button or other type of hyperlink. Good luck. :slight_smile:

good idea but Im looking for something like this!

I dont think I can do this with hiding bloc can I? :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you could build the bloc the way you want and show/hide it, but you may have to adjust positioning and z-index outside of blocs in a text editor. I typically have to export my Blocs projects to tweak a few things like that in a text editor like Adobe Brackets. I just recently completed a website which called for graphic elements to have fixed positioning and a front-level z-index so they remained fixed and visible in front of a carousel sliding behind. Good example of having to do some CSS tweaking outside of Blocs. Here’s the website for reference. Good luck!

uff It mean I cant do it haha! Im a regular user :stuck_out_tongue:

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What should be in the dropdown? Should i t be a login function?

Yes! At the moment Im doing something like this

But I would prefer a box like the reference picture :slight_smile:

Also I want another to write a code in for a music player like this!