Adding fields to forms

The built-in email form works great, but I need to add to it.

For example, I need a compulsory phone number field, and a drop down menu, and possibly tick boxes too. And it needs to be free, ideally!

(I’ve downloaded a few form snippets from various places, but can’t see a means of making the forms ‘active’ - there’s no clear means of adding a ‘send to’ email address for instance.)

Any suggestions?


Just add more items to the form using brics. There are option select, checkboxes and radios available.

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Thanks Norm, you should put that in Docs!

Please forgive my ignorance about usage. I’m new to Blocs. I would like to know how to use the “Option Select” pull-down menus.

When I select it the Select Editor appears. Expanding the settings of “Option 1” shows:

Title: Option 1
Value: 0

I want to know how to use that “Value.”

Let’s say I want to add a pull-down menu to the page that allows the user to select from several different PDFs. How do I accomplish that?

@JDW it’s not really intended for that, it’s more used for select a size S,M,L. Depending on the ID you apply this options data will be included in the posted form under that ID.

If you wanted to have a PDF selection that say, showed a PDF doc preview in a box based on the option select selection, you would need to write that logic up in JS and attach the additional code to the page. By giving you opt select an ID targeting the option select will be trivial in JS.

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hi norm.

i believe i found a bug for you to fix (asap).

i added a checkbox and that seemed to work.

i was able to change the text, too. BUT. i do not seem to be able to re-edit the text.

thanks for your reply.