Adding Intercom to Blocs website

Hi there!

I have a website that I want to add Intercom to for customer support before users sign up. Intercom gives you a basic snippet that you’re supposed to add to the footer of the page (before the tag).

I went to Page Settings -> Add Code -> Add to Footer and pasted the snippet in, then deployed. But Intercom never showed up. Looked at the network logs and it appears it’s not even attempting to dial out for Intercom.

We’ve already added this snippet to our webapp at, so I know it works elsewhere. Anyone have any experience adding Intercom to a Blocs site and have any advice on making this work?


Just as another note: this runs locally when I preview in Chrome. Intercom loads no problem and I can even write messages to it from my local env.

Once it’s exported and deployed, though, the Intercom snippet is nowhere to be found.

Wondering if maybe this has to do with my export settings? FWIW, these are what those are:

Most likely… a few of the options known to cause issue with various things are…

Lazy Loading, Minify Jquery and to a lesser extent Minify HTML.

Sometimes it’s an experiment.

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Thanks all! Turns out that turning minifying HTML off worked. Not sure if this’ll impact the site in a negative way, but at least the chat bubble is loading now. Solved!

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