Adding Javascript

Hello all!
I’m not that proficien but am enjoying using BLOCS for the first time. Been lucky to have ELDAR’s help along the way.

I have a piece of Javascript code that I need to have on the site which appears on a page. I use the Code Widget bric and enter it in. When I preview it in BLOCS I see the correct output. When I upload it to my server I don’t see the correct output.

Is this possible to be done in BLOCS? Any assistance would be appreciated. Here is the code


Hi Frank,

I think you forgot to include the code?

Sorry, here is the code:

OKay. It won’t let me put in the code. Let me see if I can put it within ()



Sorry the code should have https

hello @flucca first insert code in blocs forum:

Option 1:
Paste the code, then select all the code and press this button:

Some of the codes even with this button pressed doesn’t appear all so you need to press after the first "reformatted text button the following button:

2º Option, before the code and after the code you just type 3 x ``` symbol. check here:

code here
test code


Now about your issue, try when you export turn off the “Enable Lazy Loading” option.

Hope it helps you…

Thanks for the info. I tried your suggestion but no luck. Thanks for the help.