Adding SnipCart to Blocs

Has anyone managed to add SnipCart to their Blocs website ? If so have you got a simple help guide or short video on how to do this pls?

Hello, tonight I will reply some requests, and I will add this snippet into my site, so please stay tuned.


Question doesn’t Blocs 3 do all this?
Why add this code?

@KBConcepts I don’t think so, well I didn’t check any bric. If there is I don’t make this, if there isn’t I will do a snippet explain how to insert snipcart here. I’m not with laptop so I can’t check, if you can just let me know.

No it doesn/t.

Hello joemoretti, I will not make a snippet as there you have a excellent video explain you every single step you need. If you have any question in about insert the code in blocs, let us know: