Adjust “landing point”?

I am sorry for yet another stupid newbie question… but…I am using “scroll to target” and for one of the blocs the “landing point” is a bit high. Is there anyway to adjust this to a bit lower, or more centered on the desired section?

Thanks for any help!

Scroll to target should land directly on the top of the bloc with the ID you’ve selected.

If the scroll to target over shoots the top of the designated bloc, this can happen on mobile devices, or any screen size in which you use the hamburger menu that pushes down elements in order to make room for the revealed menu links…when this happens it seems to alter the container size for that bloc, and pushes down the scroll to target landing point directly below.

It could also be that the bloc above the scroll to target bloc has elements or actions that have padding/margin which pushes the container beyond that bloc’s padding size…resulting in an overshoot in the below bloc, too.

See if you’ve added more margin/padding to elements than what the above bloc’s padding & main container can accommodate.

The troublemaker here is the “video” link. All three blocks are pretty close to the same height and land pretty centered…I’d just like it to land a bit lower for the video one. I really don’t want to mess with the spacing at this point either (it’s been a bear to get it to play nice.

I think I understand…you want the gallery of video links to be more in-view on the screen. This of course is dependent on the variables of the user’s screen/device height, and the browser window size (desktop/laptop) they are viewing the site on, too.

Where exactly does the bloc above the video gallery links end? Is the blue curved graphic part of the above bloc or is it part of the video link gallery?

It appears you have room to move up the text & gallery if you need it to.