Adjust the beginning of Scroll FX

Is there a possibility to adjust when a Scroll effect starts? If I look at the page on mobile view, some elements are as high as the viewport of the device. If I scroll down the page, I get nearly the whole screen just with the background color, before the element fades in. I would prefer, that the effect starts, when the element gets visible on the screen, because otherwise someone who uses the website thinks, that there is just a blank area and leaves the page.

Hi @miber,

This maybe what you are after


I believe @Eldar had similar issues when he re-created the beautiful Apple page, if I’m not mistaken he played with the margins of Brics to make them taller so the scroll effect started sooner. He may be able to confirm though


Yes, I have done something like this before, but the method I used is not perfect. Basically, if you have links above the scroll fx element, the links will not work. Anyhow, I believe the video about it is below.