Adjusting target of scroll down button on hero page

Alright, I found that the tiny scroll down button on the first hero page has its own class (blocs-hero-btn-dwn) but I found no way to set its target or even see how its scrolling range is defined.

I assume this isn’t possible, is it?

Just give the Bloc that you want the button to scroll to a ID. Then use the interactions panel to tell the button where you want it to scroll to.



Sure, that’s the usual way. However, I have the feeling that the scrolling button in hero shows a different behavior. For example, it appears as if it scrolled down just a defined height and not until a specific target. That’s why I wanted to explore how this is achieved.

Thanks for your input anyway!

I’m sorry it’s not the usual way. Just delete the hero arrow and the add a new icon. You can then target it to any section you want.


Alright, I did so already. Now I know there’s actually no other way. Thanks!