Advice on a website with many pages

I am starting to work on a website with many products. Each product must have his own page and there will be different product group pages etc. That is what the client wants.

What is a wise thing to do?;
• make everything in one single project?
• make different projects for different parts of the website.

( @Norm: a way to group pages and sort them would be very handy in this case, perhaps a nice feature in a future update?)

I am definitely no professional, so I can just tell how I work with al lot of different Pages.

Thanks to the template function I have first made a Header with all links and a footer in the global area.
If there are changes you simply add these templates as a new page to the project and blocs will ask you if you want to adapt the global areas.
I have done this in blocs version 2 and noticed that images haven´t been adapted.
This might be better now in version 3.

On the server I have created folders for each project (with an seo friendly name).

There might be a better way to work and I am also happy for every suggestion.

Folders in blocs would be great but I have no idea what this would mean to @Norm .
Currently it would be helpful to have the possibility changing the order of the sites.
I know it´s somehow possible but couldn´t find an easy way by know.