Advice on importing Blocs into Pulse 5 CMS

Hi folks. I’m looking for advice from anyone who has successfully imported their Blocs 2.5.2 site into Pulse 5 CMS. I’ve already asked for assistance on the Pulse CMS Forum, but haven’t received any feedback yet.

I’m running MAMP on my Mac to test the site locally, before uploading everything to my ISP server. The default Pulse 5 CMS files appear to work fine when I copy them directly into the localhost folder.

However, when I add the files from the “content” and “template” folders – that are generated when I export my Blocs file as a Pulse 5 CMS theme – the page links break, as do the majority of the links to the SVGs, PNGs and JPGs.

I’m at a loss as to know what I’m doing wrong. I fear that I might be importing the files incorrectly. If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be most grateful.