Age Gate For Multiple Page Website

Hi All

Does anyone know of any script that could be implemented to put a simple age gate on site (ie you must be 18 to enter this site with a simple button with yes to confirm) needs to work over all pages of site with cookie of 30days. Looked at the free versions but don’t really want their ads etc splashed over page when user connects to site.

Waiting to hear

If you Google “age verification script” there are lots of options out there. There is nothing specific for Blocs that I know of but that shouldn’t be a problem.

There are tons of free scripts out there that are not linked to a marketing or analytical company. Probably don’t use the word free in the search. GitHub has a ton of them. And as @Flashman said integration should be very easy. They aren’t complicated.

It would make a nice custom bric though if something suitable could be dropped into place much like the cookie consent bric.

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Hello @steviemc I think you could do this simply by using modal.

in my blocs site you find a automatically open modal at start up page with the possibility to block the ESC and click outside the modal to dismiss the modal, so if someone press YES it passes to the webpage, if they press NO, just create a nice page saying that they don’t have 18 y.

Is just an idea…