Airbnb calendar integration


Hi All,

This is really doing my head in. For a client I’m looking for a simple Airbnb calendar integration. Just a calendar that is connected to their Airbnb listing showing the availability. No need for booking functionality just a calendar view that shows availability, nothing more, nothing less.
Is it really that impossible to ask for? Hope any of you could shed some light upon the matter because I’m about to give up.

Thanks in advance



Airbnb does have an api, but it’s private. They are not accepting new requests.

This would need to be done manually. If that’s okay for your client, you’ll have a design decision to make. lay the listing out in “cards” or create a calendar style, or even a simple listing. then make your link accordingly.


@whittfield Thanks for the reply. I tried fiddling with google calendar and zapier integrations.

You mean client would be updating their calendars themselves? In this case that wouldn’t be a very good idea. :wink:

I’m just annoyed by the fact that something so basic is hard te get working on a website.


Zapier is likely waiting for Airbnb to open up their api also. It would be easier if that integration existed for sure.

If the website doesn’t have a public api, it’s really not so simple though. We are just spoiled by all the open apis and social platforms.:wink:



Just thinking… Maybe there’s a page you can place in an iframe?


Yeah, been down that road. Just not a big fan of iframe’s somehow. They always end up doing things you don’t want them to do. :wink:

Somehow it helped venting my discomfort here…I stumbled upon and it is actually doing what I’m looking for. Its a free version where you can connect your listings and embed them in any website. The premium version even has a ‘website builder’ in it. Oh dear! I’ll take this for a spin and see if it meets all my expectations. Thanks for the suggestions anyway.



I agree with you about Iframes, they really are dreadful:smile:. I’m glad you found something for your needs, and thanks for posting your solution!