Align elements inside div

Guys, please advise…

I have div container 100% width. Inside I have button and input field. I need somehow to do position settings, so button have fixed size 60px height and 60px width and input field has 60px height and fills rest space of the width.

Please help

Like this?

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 6.05.45 PM

The Bootstrap docs can help you with the structure here.


@Malachiman Thank you. This is exactly what I needed.

It works :hugs:

@Malachiman is it possible to set it up somehow with internal blocs class editor?
If yes, could you show me please :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t understand the question sorry.

@Malachiman, I mean, is it possible to use blocsapp class editor with built in position settings to have the same result as .input-group class provides us?

Sorry for my english, not always easy to articulate my thoughts not on native language.

On screenshot I almost got what I need, but only the input field hides under the button

There is no need to create a custom class, where there is already a class available.