Allow Interactions (i.e. Navigate to Page, URL, etc) for Images in Carousels

It would be wonderful if the images inserted into image carousels had the same interaction functionality (Navigate to Page, Navigate to URL, Lightbox, Scroll to Target, etc.) as for stand alone images.

See home page here: and Faces of the Lost Villages part way down. The moving faces in the carousel would be a great ‘call to action’. The faces in the upper rows do link/navigate to other pages.

You can create interactions in carousels by adding text links or buttons in the caption area. This is quite a logical way to do things, because if you simply created an interaction on the image only, you would have to provide some form of visual indicator that clicking the image will do something. By turning the caption area into a text link you can add something like “Read More” or a simple “+” to give that essential visual clue.

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You could do something like that using Owl 2 carousel rather easily.

thanks Hendon52. That’s a good suggestion, a good work around.

Still, I think it would be useful to have an interaction functionality of just clicking on the image in a carousel - without other cues. That kind of interactivity by clicking on an images is something people are well accustomed too/familiar with and have come to expect.

thanks Malachiman. that could be a very helpful solution.

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