Allow Sort & Other Management of Assets

It would be great if one could sort/organize assets once they’ve been uploaded into the asset manager.

This is from my experience building

Having built a site with 150+ images (most with three size iterations to feed the three different resolutions) and 115 audio clips having some types of sort, organization and search features (as are standard in most applications using many images, e.g Lightroom, Capture One, PhotoMechanic) would be very useful.

In order of priority:
a simple order facility where the files could be sorted according to their filenames, age and size
capacity to click on and move individual files within asset manager and/or to folders within the manager
capacity to create new folders on the fly within asset manager

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The asset manager will no doubt see some improvements over time. One of my wishes is the ability to easily see longer file names in grid view. The emphasis lately has been on stability and fixing bugs, rather than adding features.