Alternative to Google Maps

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Anyone found a good open source alternative to google maps. Because google maps now asks you to use it to checkout and otherwise shuts down your cards at a certain access rate.

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(1.) OpenStreetMap could be one alternative.

There is also (2.) Leaflet which uses OpenStreetMap at its core but extends it further with many additional features you may desire. (3.) uMap is another that uses OpenStreetMap at its core.

Each of those above 3 alternatives or any that you may find and want to use, will provide the appropriate documentation and usage samples for implementing them into your sites.

Here are some Blocs 3 documents which should help you whenever you want to implement a 3rd party library, service or plugin. Use the following along with the corresponding 3rd party usage and setup instructions.

  1. Classes & ID’s –
  2. HTML Bric –
  3. Page Setting - Add Code –
  4. Page Attachments –
  5. Custom Data Attributes –