Anchor link from text link

Hi folks,

I read some solutions about making anchor links from within the (sub)menu.

But what I want is scroll to a paragraph, icon or other text section (with an added unique ID) on the same page from a simple text link, but can’t get it working right. ‘Scroll to target’ only scrolls to a bloc-x section, ‘Navigate to URL’ doesn’t work either.

Anyone a tip that works? Or do I have to wait untill Norman implements his ‘Jump to’ option in Blocs 2.5?

Thanks in advance.


If I understand what you are saying you want a text link to scroll to another point on the page other than the top of a Bloc?
If you have a unique id on any element, the Navigate to URL should work. The link should start with a pound sign # and then followed with the ID (no spaces). This will jump to that ID; it will not have the smooth scroll like Scroll To Target does.

The point you want to “jump” to:

The link that will cause the “jump”:

Your totally right teefers, this works as I wanted. I just used the wrong combinations in adding ID’s or classes and then ‘scroll to targets’. Thanks a lot!!

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Hi teefers, that’s a useful tip - do you know if it can be done to jump to a specific point on a different page on the same site? Thanks.

Just amazed myself by working it out… just put the page address in front of the #, so www.webpage.html#target

Made my day!!!